Monday, June 28, 2010

The daily Mug

Have you ever thought about your coffee mug? Perhaps not. But I do. I stop and think about what cup I "feel" like using every morning. Color, size, fit all calculated before I even pour my first cup of coffee. Early this morning I noticed myself doing this while getting ready for my weekly classes. As I went to get some coffee, I stopped and looked at my rather embarrassingly large collection of handmade pottery mugs created by numerous artists, but the mug I wanted to use today wasn't on the shelf. Fortunately my still caffeine deprived brain was able to send a weak signal out telling me to look in the dishwasher, which is where I found my mug of the day--a mug I made. But why this mug? I am not even sure how this mug has found its way from the studio into my home and now finds itself being chosen on a regular basis for use. When I first pulled it out of the kiln I wasn't even sure I liked it. I thought it was too dark. I designed the colors and pattens based on drawings and impressions from Pemiquid Point. The top for the mug has strong diagonal lines made from a black textured glaze and areas of a chartreuse green that are reminiscent of the bright green algae that collect in the still pools set against a watery turquoise glaze on the bottom of the mug. This mug has grown on me. I am captivated by the way the colors blend as they meet with subtle shifts in texture and I feel that it truly does capture the feeling of the striated rocks plunging under the frigid Maine waters and the strangely beautiful flora and fauna that make their home there.

To me it is just right size, it holds 12oz of coffee. You see I have a theory about coffee cups and sizes. Almost every one says, "I like a nice big mug for my coffee." But I realized that I like to grab a large mug on those mornings when I am flying out of the house early and might not have a chance for another refill but on days that I am at home working and feel a little more at leisure I choice the medium size; I mean I can always refill and who wants to drink cold coffee when they don't have to? There is also the very small mug, often overlooked, but I call these the Sunday Morning Mugs. The days when you can make a nice pot of coffee, sit down drink coffee fresh and hot and refill as often as you would like. No rush, no need to pour more than you will drink in those few quiet moments.

There are other qualities I look for in in my daily mug. Like shape and fit. The shape of this mug works well for my "at home but busy days" because it has a slight belly on the bottom. The coffee stays all warm and snug down there, but it rises gently up the slightly sloping sides as I lift it to drink. The subtle transition from belly to shoulders forms a comfortable waist where I can wrap my hands to feel the coffee's warmth. Yes, the right mug--this mug in the morning does make me happy.

So what mug do you choose? Is it a travel mug because your always on the go? Is it big or small? Does it fit in you hand just right? Do you reach for the same one everyday or are you like me and change it up? Why? Are you in need of a special mug? If so let me know and I can fix you up with something that will suit your lifestyle.

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  1. Steve and I love our ceramic mugs from Tenn. I always think about my favorite mug in the morning.