Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tomorrow Self-Employed!

Tomorrow morning I will wake up early as I do most mornings, but instead of racing out the door to drive to work I will walk a few feet into my studio. This I hope will be my new commute for my days and weeks possible years to come. For while I have made pottery for years, this is the first time I have attempted to make it my full time job. I am really looking forward to the consistancy and the solitude that comes from regular time spent creating, but being that I am also a social creature with a strong desire to create other passionate and successful artist I will also offer art lessons to children and adults. Please contact me if interested. Stay tuned!


  1. Liz! Good Friday Morning! Welcome Home! Savor it, girl! Its an awesome opportunity. Enjoy your first day at your new job....where YOU are the boss.

  2. Gotta love a short commute. Good Luck. When you get lots of pics and a price list I'll pass it around to everyone I know.