Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Return from NCECA

Amazing clay work
Artstream Nomadic Art Show
Malley enjoying sun and ceramics
NCECA the National Council for Educators of Ceramic Arts is a huge event that brings together galleries, exhibitors, ceramic artists.  I have wanted to attend this conference for as long as I remember and this year I did.  Perhaps I finally decided to attend because not teaching full time allowed me the time and schedule flexibility or that my family made it possible or maybe it was just because it was held in Tampa, FL in March.  What every the reasons, I know I had my timing right.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the work presented, listening to the demonstrators and learning from everyone.  The work I viewed was amazingly beautiful and inspirational, but  I also realized that I am worthy of representation too.  One of the best things I learned from this venture is that galleries are always looking for new work, but they don't know your out there if you don't contact them.  So I have returned more determined than every to make art,  to put together several packets of my work and send them to galleries so that I may make some more connections.   I also have to thank my wonderful traveling compnaion, friend and amazing potter by her own right Malley Weber.  I am hooked, see you next year in Seattle!